Lito Manlucu of JGM RECORDING STUDIO is a music producer, guitarist and a recording engineer with over 15 years of recording experience. Lito has worked with a diverse range of artists in the Chicago land area including Marshall Jefferson (House Music), Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan (Gypsy Jazz), Stanley Reeves (Gospel R&b), Mehran (Flamenco), Jacco Muller (Flamenco), Sam Grossner (Jazz Keyboard ), Juliano Milo (Gypsy Music), Adonis (House Music) just to name a few artists. Lito is based in Chicago and can be found most of the time in his recording studio. He can be reached via email at for information .

   Music recording, mixing and mastering
Audio for video, film and jingles
Music production
TV commercials and EDM
Tape, vinyl and cassette to digital (CD/MP3/WAV) transfers
Voiceover Studio
Musicians available upon request